Fox News host suggests Italian politician Georgia Meloni should be considered ‘the center’ politically

From the September 26, 2022 edition of Fox News’ Special feature with Bret Baier

BRET BAIER (HOST): Let’s look overseas and what’s happening in Italy and really across Europe. If you look at the headlines of this Italian election where far-right candidate Meloni won and is likely to become Prime Minister there, if you look at the headlines, The Atlantic, “The Return of Fascism in Italy”, ” A far-right nationalist looks likely to become the first female prime minister in the illustration, ‘Giorgia Meloni is a danger to Italy and the rest of Europe’, ‘Georgia Meloni claims victory to become Prime Italy’s most right-wing minister since Mussolini”. She campaigned to fight inflation, speaking out against the European Union and bureaucracy. What about the reaction to this and what it says about the situation in Europe as we prepare for our own elections?

TREY GOWDY: Bret, if you had two hours and could read the New York Times article on his election to the end, you would see that it was historic. But you should go through more hard-right and far-right references, and I guess what I’m wondering is if you win elections, if you’re what people want, when will that does it become the center? Who can say what is extreme right or what is extreme right?

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