Former representative Sherwood Boehlert dies; Cayuga County Leaders Remember Him As “Genuine Person” | Politics


US Representative Sherwood Boehlert addressed officials and residents of Cayuga County in November 2005 in a $ 500,000 grant presentation to the Cayuga County Public Power Agency.

The Citizen file

Tim Clancy remembers a story former US Representative Sherwood Boehlert told him about his first visit to Auburn.

Due to the 2000 census and the decennial redistribution process, the congressional district of Boehlert has changed. The new territory, then the 24th Congressional District, included the city of Auburn and the southern half of Cayuga County.

It was a new area for Boehlert, so he decided to visit Auburn and Owasco Lake. What he found was that despite being “the new guy in town,” Clancy remembers, people – his future constituents – were nice to him.

“He and his wife, Marianne, weren’t sure what to expect,” Clancy, Boehlert’s former chief of staff, told the Citizen on Tuesday. “Like everything, there were always local issues. But at the same time, people were really welcoming in Cayuga County and especially Auburn. He never forgot that.”

Boehlert, a moderate Republican from Utica who served in Congress for a quarter of a century, died on Monday. He was 84 years old.

During his congressional career, Boehlert chaired the House Science Committee and became a leader on environmental issues. One of his major accomplishments was adding wording to the Clean Air Act to combat acid rain and protect the Adirondacks.

Boehlert, who was first elected to Congress in 1982, was a longtime congressman when Cayuga County was added to his district before the 2002 election. After the district lines were revised, a main Republican challenger has emerged. Dr David Walrath, a Cayuga County surgeon, challenged Boehlert for the GOP nomination.

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