First to the ball? Greg Steube announces re-election campaign in CD 17

representing Greg Steubea Republican from Sarasota, announced Thursday morning that he will seek re-election in Florida’s 17th congressional district.

“Florida’s 17th District deserves an America First Conservative who will fight for liberty and freedom, and I’ve proven myself doing just that in service to this district and our country,” Steube said. “I am honored to once again represent District 17, and I applaud the governor. (Ron) DeSantis for his leadership during the redistribution process.

The move comes a day after the Florida Senate approved a new map from Congress (P0109) drawn by DeSantis’ office. The House will approve the map on Thursday.

Steube’s announcement anticipates a decision by the representative. Vern Buchanan on whether to run in the new CD 17 or Florida’s 16th congressional district, based in Manatee. Buchanan is an eight-term holder in line for the position of Speaker of House Ways and Means if Republicans regain the House.

On DeSantis’ map, CD 17 overlaps with present-day Buchanan and Steube districts. As proposed, the district covers all of Sarasota and Charlotte counties, as well as part of northeast Lee County. CD 16 covers all of Manatee County and much of southern Hillsborough.

The Steube District now covers Florida’s Inner Heartland, but according to the DeSantis map, this territory is part of Florida’s 18th congressional district. While the decision isn’t welcome in Buchanan’s orbit, it clears CD 18 for Rep. Scott Franklina Republican from Lakeland who represents the northern portions of that district as now drawn.

While the new CD 17 is geographically smaller than the existing district of Steube, his campaign reports that around 60% of his current constituency lives in the new jurisdiction.

The former state senator and staunch conservative has endorsements from the National Rifle Association, National Right to Life and Family Research Council. On Wednesday, he got an endorsement from Club For Growth, one that clearly identified him as a candidate for CD 17.

“District 17 Floridians know they can trust me to remain a steadfast, principled conservative who keeps his promises and is not shy about doing what’s right,” Steube said. “I will continue to fight against socialism and the radical awakening agenda of the left, and I will always stand for free and fair elections, a secure southern border, economic freedom, and the preservation of our constitutional rights.”

Some of these remarks will surely read like veiled beards to Buchanan, who voted for universal background checks and that, unlike Steubevoted to certify the president that of Joe Biden 2020 victory in the last presidential election.

His campaign ad also touted his military record serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom, as well as his seat on the House Judiciary Committee.

“We need strong conservatives in Congress so we can get the President’s gavel back (Nancy) pelosireverse the damage Joe Biden and House Democrats have done to our country and implement bold conservative policy in Washington,” the statement read.

CD 16 is a comfortable Republican seat, according to a partisan analysis of the performance of MCI Cards. About 53.8% of voters backed the Republican there donald trump in the 2020 presidential election, compared to 44.95% who backed Biden.

Steube in particular appeared with former President Trump this weekend at a fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago.

Notably, Trump has supported Buchanan with a non-district-specific endorsement, a critical moment before the DeSantis cards were released that undermined a right-wing challenge by the Sarasota activist Martin Hyde. Buchanan is the wealthiest member of the Florida US House delegation, which he co-chairs. Some in his orbit believe he is willing to spend as much as $10 million if necessary to defend his own congressional seat.

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