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Hathur (Jagraon): In a demonstration of anger against three controversial agricultural laws, villagers put up posters in several villagers, asking politicians from various political parties not to conduct any political activity in the villages. This comes at a time when elections in the state are only a few months away.
TOI found many such posters in two villages in the Jagraon region. The posters have symbols of all the main political parties in Punjab with a cross on it and text that loosely translates to “boycott political parties”. The message said that for the past 74 years those who suck people’s blood and put the Punjab in debt, who have five pensions, politicians and “stray cattle” are strictly prohibited from entering the village.
“Until the black laws are removed, we will not allow politicians to enter the village. If a political leader or his sidekick is found in the village, he will be responsible for his service (sewa), ”the message read. The message is sent by Bhartiya Kisan Union and entire villagers in a particular village.
Inqualabi Kendra Punjab general secretary Kanwaljit Khanna, whose group supports the agricultural movement, said such posters were put up by villagers in around 35-40 villages, including Hathur, Kaunke, Manuke, Deherka, Ghalib Kalan , Sherpura, Johlan, Jalaldiwal, Rattowal and Toose, from the Ludhiana district. He said most of the posters have a message that until the “black farm laws” are removed, no political party should bother them in the villages, so as not to distract them as people struggle. to repeal these laws.
Meanwhile, many villagers said the message to everyone was clear.
“Our fellow farmers have been sitting at the Delhi border for months now and the villagers believe that if they protest in this way, they can show their support as well. Those who cannot go to the Delhi borders, they do it that way. Most of the time, the posters were put up in larger villages and that too in prominent places, including near gurdwaras or bus stops, ”said a villager from Acharwal, where such posters were displayed. been asked. He said that such posters are also present in the village of Johlan.
Inderjit Singh from Kaunke village said posters were placed to pressure politicians to have their demand for the repeal of the three “black” agricultural laws taken into account.
Sardara Singh Johal, a renowned agro-economist who has opinions on political events in the state, said the farmers are there on the front lines and they have decided to fight. He said the postering was a reaction, indicating that they are not happy with the state’s political class.
“They feel that all parties are against them. Thus, they put pressure on the political class so that their grievances are taken into account. However, things should become clear after the state election is announced, ”Johal said.
Box: Agricultural unions talk:
Inderjit Dhaliwal, district secretary of BKU (Dakonda), said the farmers’ unions had already decided that they would not allow BJP leaders to enter the villages and would question other party leaders about what they did to oppose such “black laws”. He said such posters were put up by ordinary villagers in anger. Dhaliwal said political leaders should refrain from campaigning until the farmers’ struggle is started as it weakens the unrest. He said they will also show black flags to politicians in the future.


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