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Danish-Swedish far-right politician Rasmus Paludan wants to hold election rallies in Uppsala and Stockholm on May Day despite the violence his rallies sparked over the Easter weekend, TT news agency reported.

Paludan gained worldwide attention after he attempted to organize a rally where he and his supporters would burn Qurans, sparking massive protests and violent riots in several Swedish towns over the Easter weekend.

Paludan is now back after announcing plans to hold new campaign rallies in Uppsala and Stockholm on May Day.

His party, Stram Kurs, is registered to contest Sweden’s autumn general election. The party is credited with almost 0% of voting intention in Denmark, country of birth of Paludan.

This time, Paludan pledged to “bring a megaphone, lighters and books”, using the same provocative rhetoric that caused so much unrest on Easter Day. According to Swedish laws, he has the right to organize his gatherings and to burn religious books as this is considered an expression of freedom of speech.

Paludan appealed the police decision to deny him permission to hold a campaign rally in Borås on Friday (April 29th), SVT Nyheter Väst reported on Monday.

“Rasmus Paludan’s rhetoric is about creating disorder and chaos,” Emelie Kullmyr, head of Police Region West Command, said in a press release, referring to the Easter unrest in Norrköping, Linköping. , Malmö, Örebro and Rinkeby, among others. other places.

The unrest led to heated discussions in Sweden, where right-wing opposition parties criticized the government’s response.

Among right-wing leaders commenting on the riots, Christian Democrat leader Ebba Busch Thor questioned why police didn’t fire live ammunition at the rioters, and Sweden’s far-right Democrat Jimmie Åkesson offered to withdraw residence permits from the families of serious criminals.

The social democratic government has disavowed both.

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