Electoral board certifies 33 candidates for Cincy Council race, but more may be on the way


The Hamilton County Electoral Board certified another candidate for Cincinnati City Council in the November ballot, bringing the total to 33 so far – but at least two more names could be added to the list.

The board split 2-2 on petitions for Republican Tom Brinkman, who is currently the state representative, and Democrat Te’Airea Powell. Both had dates missing on some of their petitions.

Republicans on the board say substantial compliance is all that is required, and technical details like missing dates on partial petitions do not invalidate the entire petition. Both Democrats say they have disqualified people in the past for missing dates on partial petitions and the board should be consistent.

The Ohio Secretary of State will review the cases and decide whether to certify Brinkman and Powell on the ballot. The county electoral board can, however, change its vote before this happens. The council will meet again Thursday at 8 am to review the files.

Republican Linda Matthews is also expected to seek a reconsideration. The board denied her requests because she had failed to meet the 500 signature requirement.

Matthews is one of four candidates approved by Republicans for the board. The other three Republicans on the ballot currently sit on the board: Betsy Sundermann and interim members Liz Keating and Steve Goodin.

Long-time former board member Charlie Winburn – a Republican who served as the county’s interim treasurer – has qualified for the ballot to be repeated, but Winburn says he will step down.

The board of directors also voted to certify a charter amendment motivated by a ballot petition. Brinkman circulated petitions for his multi-part charter amendment, which includes provisions such as lowering council members’ salaries and creating a mayoral dismissal process.

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