Election results in Alabama, Virginia, Georgia and DC

Katie Britt speaks to supporters Tuesday night in Montgomery, Alabama after securing the nomination of Alabama’s Republican Senate nominee. (Dill Butch/AP)

Cheers erupted at Katie Britt’s campaign headquarters in Montgomery as she became Alabama’s Republican candidate for the Senate on Tuesday night.

“When we came into this race nobody thought it was possible,” Britt said. Retired GOP Sen. Richard Shelby’s former chief of staff was late to the start of the race. “Unless you were related to be in or in a very small circle, you didn’t think it could be done.”

Britt was favored to win in the second round against Rep. Mo Brooks after receiving the most votes in the May primary.

“One thing is clear is that Alabama has spoken. We want new blood, we want fresh blood,” she said. “We want someone who will fight for our conservative Christian values. , who will fight for the freedom and liberty that this nation was founded on and who will fight for this American dream for the next generation and the next.”

Britt made a long list of thanks, including to Shelby, the people of Alabama, the crowd at her headquarters, family and friends. She also briefly thanked former President Trump for “helping to wrap up [the election] in style.

“People all over Alabama are missing his America First program,” Britt said of Trump endorsing the Republican establishment nominee in the 11th hour. “We are going to go to the United States Senate to fight every day. “

Trump has become a presence in the race after first endorsing Brooks, one of his most staunch allies in the House, then rescinding that endorsement after Brooks’ campaign began to struggle. Trump accused Brooks of ‘waking up’ after Brooks told a crowd at a Trump rally to move on to the 2020 election. As Britt gained momentum, Trump endorsed the candidate who he said was “in no way qualified” for the job.

The episode turned into a public brawl between the former president and Brooks, who promoted Trump’s 2020 campaign plots. Trump further embarrassed Brooks by saying he “wanted him back ever since…but I can’t give it to her!”

Brooks lashed out in turn, telling an AL.com reporter that the former president had “no loyalty to anyone or anything other than himself.”

Outside Vaughn Park Church east of downtown Montgomery, voters who spoke to CNN were divided on the power of Trump’s approval.

For Elise and Will Bone, Trump’s support is what put them above Britt.

“She’s young and I love what she stands for,” Elise told CNN. When asked if she and her husband had ever considered voting for Brooks, Will chimed in. “I like what he said,” Will said. “But Trump doesn’t support it.”

But not everyone voted for Britt because of Trump. Susannah Cleveland has been behind Britt since day one.

“She’s relatable, she’s a mom like me, I know her personally and I think she’s a great person,” Cleveland said. “I don’t trust Mo; I think Katie will be the best.

LeeAnn Duggar came to vote with her daughter. She supported Brooks, because she says he is more conservative than Britt. Duggar said his opinion of Brooks did not change after Trump rescinded his endorsement.

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