DONNIE JOHNSTON: Trump-Clinton II would be good for the columnists, bad for the country | Columns



THERE MAY still be hope for columnists like me.

Democrat Hillary Clinton is hinting that she could run for president again in 2024, while Donald Trump will almost certainly seek the Republican nomination.

It seems like something to look forward to.

To be completely honest, America with Joe Biden at the helm is about as boring as a Monday night in an Alaskan fishing village in the dead of winter.

Yes, Biden has brought some decorum back to the presidency, but a calm and peaceful White House is boring. And boredom is a chronicler’s nightmare.

Dude, do I miss Donald Trump! He made things happen. It was “fake news” this and “fake news” that and “someone stole this election” all the time. Then there were those 3am tweets that drove someone crazy almost every day.

It was wonderful. I always had something strange and weird to write.

And I miss Hillary, who like Trump always made the headlines. I could still get a good column from the former first lady and secretary of state.

Now it is possible that Hillary and Donald will fight again during the election campaign! Think about it: those two explosive souls yelling at each other and swearing at each other on a debate stage. This country would be alive again.

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