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Donald Trump often divides opinions when it comes to his policies. The former President of the United States is set to announce a new presidential bid for the 2024 election and will require a swing of the vote since his 2020 loss to Joe Biden to regain his seat. Having said that, what do the British people think of Mr. Trump and where does he fit in their calculation of foreign politicians?

For decades, the United States and the United Kingdom have enjoyed a “special relationship” that has led the peoples of both nations to take an interest in the political landscape of the other.

Although he has yet to officially announce his candidacy, Mr. Trump is expected to run for president again in the 2024 presidential election.

According to the latest YouGov poll, Mr. Trump is regarded by the British public as the ninth most popular foreign politician.

The participants received a list of foreign politicians and asked them if they had a positive opinion of them.

So who exactly does he rank below in this list? Joe Biden he passes in front of his political rival?

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Bill clinton

The first person to score higher on this list than Mr. Trump is a former US president himself, Bill Clinton.

Mr. Clinton achieved a popularity score of 23%, which is 2% higher than Mr. Trump.

Bernie sanders

Bernie Sanders has been ranked by YouGov as the seventh most popular foreign politician according to the British public.

A former Democratic presidential candidate, Mr Sanders was also elected with a popularity score of 23%.

Joe biden

The man Mr. Trump lost to in last year’s presidential election also beat him in the YouGov popularity contest.

President Joe Biden achieved a popularity rating of 34%.

Barack obama

The name that dominated YouGov’s investigation was the 44th US President, Barack Obama.

Mr. Obama scored significantly higher than any other politician named by YouGov, with a popularity rating of 65%.

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