Democrats and Republicans endorse nominees for Rutherford County offices

  • 37 candidates are vying for Rutherford County Commission seats
  • The local GOP will not endorse any independents
  • Democrats have 11 commission nominees
  • The Republican Party dominates the current commission and has candidates for all 21 seats

Chantho Sourinho has endorsed the other 10 Democratic nominees to possibly join him on the Rutherford County Commission, a party press release said.

Sourinho is running unopposed in the August 4 election with current early voting until July 30. He is the only Democrat on the current Republican-dominated 21-member commission. At least eight new commissioners will win after retirements or losing incumbents in the GOP primary.

Democratic candidate Mariah Phillips said in the press release that she looked forward to “working side by side with (Sourinho)” once elected to the commission. She is competing with Jeff Phillips, an incumbent Republican representing District 17 in an area of ​​Murfreesboro near Middle Tennessee State University.

Fellow Democrat Hope Oliver mentioned her party’s support for public education and opposition to charter schools promoted by Republican Gov. Bill Lee. Oliver is running against David Gammon, an incumbent Republican, for a seat from District 1 which represents La Vergne North.

The local GOP led by Chairman Austin Maxwell expects the Republican Party to remain strong.

“We fully endorse and support all of our Republican nominees for county commissions and county offices,” Maxwell said.

austin maxwell

GOP approval only for nominees

The local GOP does not endorse any independent candidate, including any of them describing themselves as Republicans, Maxwell said.

“The Tennessee GOP bylaws state that local Republican parties exist to elect Republican candidates against Democratic candidates in partisan elections,” Maxwell said. “The word independent does not appear anywhere in the GOP bylaws. Therefore, we support all of our Republican candidates.”

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37 committee seats

The Rutherford County Democratic Party has 11 candidates vying for commission districts, but none for countywide offices.

Here are the candidates for each constituency:

  • District 1: David Gammon, incumbent Republican; Democrat Hope Oliver, Democrat;
  • District 2: Steve Pearcy, Republican incumbent unopposed;
  • District 3: Michael Wrather, incumbent Republican; Anita L. Herron, Democrat;
  • District 4: Michael A. Rodgers, Republican; Robert Peay Jr., outgoing independent
  • District 5: Carol Cook, incumbent Republican; Laura Davidson, independent;
  • District 6: Jonathan Beverly, Republican; Tim Tidwell, independent;
  • District 7: Mike Kusch, incumbent Republican; Joseph Locher, Democrat; Paul “Roscoe” Williams, Independent;
  • District 8: Pettus Read, incumbent Republican; Matthew Burke, Democrat;
  • District 9: Joshua James, Republican; Mark A. Linville, Democrat;
  • District 10: Philip E. Wilson, Republican; Iris Dismukes, Democrat;
  • District 11: Anthony Johnson, Unopposed Republican
  • District 12: Carl B. Boyd, Republican; Celest Davis, Democrat;
  • District 13: Paul Johnson, incumbent Republican; Byron Glenn, Independent;
  • District 14: Wayne Irvin, Unopposed Republican
  • District 15: Craig Harris, incumbent Republican; Cédric Alford, Democrat;
  • District 16: Phil Dodd, incumbent Republican; Kyle Mullicane, Democrat;
  • District 17: Jeff Phillips, Republican incumbent: Mariah Phillips, Democrat;
  • District 18: Allen McAdoo, Republican incumbent unopposed;
  • District 19: Corey B. Sippola, Republican; Romel McMurry, Independent;
  • District 20: Trey Gooch, Republican incumbent unopposed;
  • District 21: Chantho Sourinho, Democrat incumbent unopposed

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