Democratic Florida gubernatorial candidate’s top staffer arrested for domestic violence

Austin Durrer, campaign manager for Democratic Florida gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist, has been arrested for domestic violence.

On October 20, the Crist campaign said Durrer would be leaving to settle a family issue. Durrer was arrested days earlier in Cambridge, Md., for second-degree assault, Fox News reported. The case is being classified as “domestic violence” and he was released on $10,000 bail. The court asked Durrer to leave his home and hand over his firearm. The Crist campaign’s Thursday announcement of Durrer’s departure did not mention the domestic violence arrest.

According to the probable cause affidavit read to NBC News by the prosecutor in the Amanda Leonard case, Jackie Whisman, the mother of her child, alleged that an argument with Durrer “became physical.” The signs of physical injury on Whisman’s face were consistent with his accounts, according to the affidavit.

Police who arrived at the scene arrested Durrer on the spot, as authorities have the authority to do in the event that a domestic violence-related call involves signs of physical injury, Leonard said.

Whisman was also charged with second-degree assault. Whisman and Durrer are now seeking to drop the charges.

“Very sadly, an incident occurred this week at our home that we both regret. We are both working to drop the legal charges and move forward. Our main focus right now is our daughter, our oldest. great joy, and we appreciate the privacy and respect as we navigate as a family,” the duo said in a statement to CBS.

Previous work with Democrats, Crist Campaign

Durrer previously worked for the Commerce Department’s Economics and Statistics Administration subagency during the Obama administration as well as former Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.)

In December 2016, he was hired by Crist to act as congressional chief of staff. This year, Durrer was tasked with leading Crist’s gubernatorial campaign.

Crist resigned from the United States House on August 31 to prepare for his gubernatorial bid against current Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. Crist’s campaign failed to generate the support needed to be a threat to his opponent, with most polls showing DeSantis with a substantial lead.

A debate between the two was scheduled for September 28 but was later canceled due to Hurricane Ian. The debate is now set for October 24, when early voting will begin in many parts of Florida.

Meanwhile, Dave Kerner, a senior Palm Beach County Democrat who also serves as its commissioner, extended his support for DeSantis for the 2022 midterm governorship, according to a Sept. 22 report. Tweeter.

“Governor. DeSantis opponent DeSantis has called for a reallocation of resources away from law enforcement,” Kerner said. “FL can’t afford people like Charlie Crist who want to defund the police and make our communities less secure.”


Naveen Athrappully is a reporter and covers world affairs and events at The Epoch Times.

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