Democratic candidate for House District 140 steps down

ARUNDEL — Democratic candidate for District 140 of the Maine House of Representatives, Kirstan L. Watson, has dropped out of the race.

His withdrawal leaves one contestant for the district, Republican incumbent Wayne Parry.

Maine House District 140 includes Arundel, Dayton and part of Lyman.

Watson, of Arundel, ended her candidacy on Monday, September 19, according to state records.

“At this point in the election cycle, it is too late for a replacement candidate, and her name will remain on the ballot, although she has withdrawn,” said the spokeswoman for the secretary of state’s office. of Maine, Emily Cook.

Watson did not respond to phone messages seeking comment on her decision, but in her withdrawal letter to the secretary of state, she said she lacked the resources to fully invest herself in the race.

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Republican Parry, the incumbent, is 59, engaged, lives in Arundel and fishes lobster. He served in the Maine House of Representatives from 2010 to 2018 and was re-elected in 2020.

“As someone who’s lived in Maine all my life, I bring ‘Maine common sense’ to the table,” Parry said. “I love Maine, I hate to see Maine turn into New York or California. I try to listen to all parties before I make a decision. I’ve been very lucky in my five terms in office. Within the transportation committee, we have very little partisan fighting, unlike other committees, so I feel lucky, and I believe the residents of Arundel, Dayton and Lyman have benefited from my participation on this committee.”

His legislative priorities include jobs – “but not just jobs, good jobs”, he said. “For 30 years we told the children they had to go to a four-year college; If any of you have tried to hire a plumber, electrician, or carpenter, you know they are hard to find. Also, we desperately need truckers, as well as other trades like mechanics, machinists, welders, etc. In a few years, we will no longer have anyone to do this work. Also, the medical field, especially nurses – in hospitals, nursing homes and home care, there is a huge shortage and the older we get, the more we will need.

He said Maine needs to protect its small businesses. He said the COVID pandemic has destroyed many, and others are struggling today.

“We have to make sure this doesn’t happen again,” Parry said. “Too many Augusta residents don’t seem to realize how important our small businesses are to the state.”

Parry said Maine needs to prioritize spending, said the state collects a lot of tax money, “maybe too much.”

“One thing we don’t prioritize is transportation and highway spending,” Parry said. “Currently, we collect nearly $200 million a year in vehicle sales tax, and 100% goes into the general fund. It may be time to transfer this permanently to the Road Fund. This tax corresponds to almost 100% use of the motorway. And what needs to be done with that money is invested in rebuilding many of our local roads which we have continued to band-aid.

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