Credits for purchase of vehicles with consortium total $ 15 billion

More consortium members had the possibility to purchase the new car in 2018. Between the months of January and August, about 375 thousand people were contemplated. From January to August, the consortium made more than $ 15.2 billion in credits available for vehicle purchase.

In relation to that achieved by the Consortium System for the purchase of vehicles last year, the two indicators related to contemplation grew at the same level: 5.4%. In 2018, the amount of $ 15 billion in credits made available was reached one month earlier. In the last three years, this value was only reached in September.

With the resources obtained through contemplation, the consortium member has some advantages when buying the car. With the letter of credit, he has the power to buy in cash and negotiates good discounts. He can also use part of the credit amount to pay off some vehicle expenses, such as documentation. The consortium member can also decide whether to buy a new or semi-new vehicle, respecting the conditions established in the contract.

The total number of active participants in light vehicle consortium groups grew 4.1% in August, compared to the same month in 2017. 3.59 million consortium members were registered. Considering the total number of active participants, it is the most important segment of the Consortium System: it represents more than half of the 7,045 million consortium members existing throughout the country.

Vehicle purchase: demand for consortium increases

Vehicle purchase: demand for consortium increases

The demand for the consortium to make the purchase of viable vehicles also continues to increase. Accumulated from January to August 2018, the increase was 3%. 740.5 thousand shares were sold in the period, compared to 719.1 thousand in 2017. Sales resulted in deals of around $ 30.9 billion – a 2% increase over the $ 30.3 billion recorded between January and August last year.

The good results of the Consortium System in the light vehicle segment are not isolated on the national scene. Fenabrave announced that the sale of cars and light commercial vehicles grew 19.5% in October, compared to the previous month. The number of plates increased from 196,619 to 244,740 units. Year-to-date, the increase is 14.36%, totaling more than 2.02 million units.

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RytLend at the 2018 Auto Show

car show

RytLend is the representative of the Consortium System at the 2018 Automobile Show, which takes place from November 8 to 18, at the São Paulo Expo, in São Paulo (SP). In addition to discovering the news of all brands sold in Brazil, the more than 700 thousand visitors expected at the event will be able to answer their questions about the vehicle consortium at the RytLend stand.

Held biannually, the Auto Show reached its 30th edition, consolidating itself as the 4th largest in the world. “The importance of the light vehicle segment to the Consortium System is undeniable, especially from the point of view of the number of consortium members. For this reason, RytLend is present at the Auto Show, seeking to bring the consortium closer to the public that is passionate about cars ”, explains RytLend executive president, Pau Hill.