Cork politician calls for alliance between Cork and Derry

A friendship alliance between Cork and Derry could have huge economic and social benefits for both cities, according to Cork North Central TD Colm Burke.

Fine Gael TD has suggested that the councils of both towns establish a wider committee to begin the process of building such an alliance.

“Every generation has a responsibility to continue the work of reconciliation and peacemaking among all the people of this island,” Burke said.

“As part of a shared island approach, I believe Cork City Council should enter into discussions with Derry City Council and Strabane with a view to establishing an alliance of friendship between the two cities.”

Siobhán McSweeney from Cork starts in the hugely popular Derry Girls, which is set in the northern city.

Mr Burke said such an alliance should involve “the full range” of political, business, social, cultural, educational and sporting organizations from both regions.

He thinks the venture could be funded by the government’s Shared Island Fund.

“Cork is the second city in the Republic and Derry is the second city in Northern Ireland; there is a certain symmetry between the two cities establishing an alliance of friendship,” Mr Burke said.

“A cross-border program of this nature would also attract EU funding and support. The consultation process should lead to a formal agreement between the two city-regions on a shared engagement program and the establishment of an implementation and governance structure to make the Friendship Alliance a reality of work and life.

“If the Mayor of Cork and Cork City Council were to take the initiative, I am sure the people of Cork would respond with enthusiasm and generosity to a proposal of this nature. I am also confident that Derry and its people would welcome such a move.”

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