Candidates run for redesigned Capital Region State Senate seat

Governor Kathy Hochul signed new congressional and state district lines approved by the Democratic-controlled legislature after the redistricting committee deadlock. In the new 46and state senate district, two Democratic candidates have emerged so far.

Republican State Senator Daphne Jordan of the current 43rd The district lives in the Saratoga County town of Halfmoon, which will be part of the new 46th. Jordan says New York voters who asked for a fair redistricting process aren’t getting what they want in 2022. Nonetheless, Jordan says she plans to seek re-election in the new district:

“As I go to choose new areas, I will represent them just like I represent the cities that I already have,” Jordan said.

Two Democrats declared their candidacies on Friday: Former Rensselaer County executive candidate Andrea Smyth-Massaroni said she had created an exploratory committee, and Schenectady County District 3 Legislator Michelle Ostrelich , representing Niskayuna, Scotia and Glenville, was endorsed by the Schenectady County Democratic Committee. .

Here is Ostrelich:

“It’s a great district. It’s exactly the northern part of the capital region, which we consider to be a great community,” Ostrelich said. “And it’s three cities, with the suburbs, all interconnected. And I looked at it, I had campaigned in about half of that neighborhood already, knowing the people and the similarities of the cities and the suburban issues. So I, I couldn’t say no.”

Smyth-Massaroni finds the most interesting aspect of the new district is that it “takes pieces of sitting senators.”

“It gives the opportunity to figure out who should be the strongest person to represent this new community,” Smyth-Massaroni said. “I think my long career in health care advocacy is certainly relevant to moving these communities beyond COVID. Most importantly, my career has been characterized by seeking out and including the voices of those who are not not traditionally heard. So to be specific, in the wake of a national children’s mental health emergency, I have aligned the needs of family and children in my advocacy for more children’s mental health services, not just the needs of providers.

The new 46and includes Ballston, Clifton Park, Greenfield, Malta, Milton, Waterford, Schenectady, Troy, Niskayuna, Saratoga Springs and parts of the town of Mechanicville. The neighborhood favors Democrats Smyth-Massaroni and Ostrelich, according to the Center for Urban Research at the City University of New York’s Graduate Center.

Ostrelich says health care is the most pressing issue.

“The difficulties that people have had accessing health care have to do with coverage and the very flawed system that we have for health care, whether you have insurance or not,” Ostrelich said. “The post-pandemic world we’re entering we’re so much more aware of inequities in access. I was one of the founding members of the Schenectady Healthcare Access Coalition which is overseeing the merger with Ellis Hospital and local Trinity Health Affiliate St. Peter’s And one of the issues we are watching the most is the extent of the cuts in health care that will affect those who have already faced barriers to access health care.

Smyth-Massaroni says 46th is most challenged by housing and the economy.

“We have two large companies, one in Rensselaer County which is irrelevant to Troy, but Regeneron and GlobalFoundries in Saratoga County,” Smyth-Massaroni said. “And what’s happening is that these high-paying jobs, which are so important as an economic engine, are driving up housing costs without an equivalent increase in housing stock. And so, you know, we’re creating problems for the workforce crisis in not being able to adequately house the employees we need to hire for business, for the care economy, for the child care economy, teachers, firefighters, you know, working class jobs that have to support a community, and for that I see as one of the biggest challenges in this neighborhood.”

Primary day is June 28and.

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