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I can’t say I wasn’t expecting it, but I was surprised anyway. More surprised at the location, Narberth Athletic Association NFL FLAG on a Saturday morning in mid-September, at Welsh Valley Middle School.

Visible across three fields – a very tall, handsome, well-dressed black man with a formidable physique. Up close, he was wearing a shirt emblazoned with “SKILLS OVER POLITICS” in capital letters.

The “skills” message that I caught right away. I have spent the past twelve years trying to get educators and parents to understand that we in Lower Merion and Radnor need to repackage and magnify high school trades programs.

Students need to be able to earn a living and here in Lower Merion and Radnor afford to buy a house and raise their children in the neighborhoods where they grew up.

And, we all know college is too expensive and isn’t the right way for everyone anyway.

So I put a huge emphasis on ‘skills’ and argued that a hands-on approach to teaching Latin could be a key addition – as a blended course with the required English – to the typical technical education curriculum.

And, yes, Princeton University administration know that students of color are smart enough to work hard and are able to study Latin and even Greek. I can prove it.

Then think about “finished”. An interesting choice of preposition, presenting a hierarchy for the observer, the reader.

I can understand the purpose of this hierarchy of subordinating politics to skills, especially because crt is so dominant – sucking oxygen – now in conversations and battles over what is appropriate to teach, especially in Lower Merion schools.

Black parents should therefore also have a say. The message “SKILLS OVER POLICY” means that we are giving our children the best in education, skills building first, then politics. Political indoctrination is so scary.

Note that on the Tees Mansion website, you can order a Gildan SKILLS OVER POLITICS short sleeve t-shirt for $ 23.99 and pay later with Klarna.

But there is more, and that perhaps comes with a caveat.

“SKILLS OVER POLITICS” is owned by a musician named Fee Dot, and you can create a playlist on Spotify, featuring 16 songs, one hour and four minutes of lexical versatility, and philosophical challenge.

Take a step back when you see the iconography on the Fee Dot album cover – it will wow and amaze your eyes.

Listen to the lyrics, with a disclaimer here on explicit and intense language, not for kids.

After the tragic death of George Floyd, many people spoke about race relations and the role of the police in society.

Someone said, “If you look around at the violent protests and the wording of statements that took place, the voices and images were mostly white people telling black people what they needed and what they were. ready to do for them. “

Fee Dot’s shirt sales prove otherwise. Black people know what they want: safe neighborhoods, community police protection, economic opportunity, a responsive workplace, and great education for their children, for all children.

You don’t have to go too far to see that crt is now the new machine, the setup. Can CRT ideologues take the next step and step out of polarizing race-based communities and see the totality of the circumstances?

Return to the dreaded black man with the powerful message, SKILLS OVER POLITICS. He and his wife have four children, a beautiful family.

Let’s all work together to do just that, put skills above politics in education and start closing the gap of opportunity we see all around us.

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