Bombay High Court News: Bombay HC slams student who tweeted at veteran politician as ‘frivolous’

The Bombay HC has expressed disappointment with authorities over FIRs filed against a Nashik student, Nikhil Bhamre, 21, for a “frivolous” case allegedly tweeting against a former state politician.

The bench, which was hearing his motion in brief seeking the quashing of the FIRs against him, questioned how the social media posts could form the basis of the FIRs.

“There are hundreds and thousands of tweets every day. Are you going to read every tweet? We don’t want FIRs like these…Unheard of…a student being detained like this,” he said. he observed, adding that “nobody” was named. on a page containing a tweet from Bhamre.

“If you start taking actions like this, you end up damaging the name of the person who received the second highest civilian honor – a Padma Vibhushan. Even the towering personality (indicating Sharad Pawar but not taking his name ) won’t like a student to be kept in jail. We don’t want the towering personality’s reputation to deteriorate,” the bench said.

Attorney General Aruna Pai said she would “take instructions” from police authorities and the Home Ministry after the court asked her position on not opposing Bhamre’s release.

Police had prepared a case chart to show that there were six registered criminal cases against Bhamre and one alleged prior, TOI reported. Bhamre’s lawyer, Anirudh Ganu, said he would request an urgent hearing on Wednesday or at an earlier date this week.

Actor Ketaki Chitale, whose motion to quash was adjourned until Wednesday, faces more than 20 FIRs and four unacknowledged cases on similar charges and has also been behind bars for a month.

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