Bennet Raises $ 2.1 Million for Reelection Candidate in Final Quarter of 2021 | Election 2022

U.S. Senator Michael Bennet grossed over $ 2.1 million in the last three months of 2021, surpassing the Colorado Democrat’s own record for a quarterly off-year run and bringing his war chest for re-election to over $ 4.7 million, his campaign announced on Wednesday. .

The sum brings Bennet’s fundraising total for the 2022 mid-term cycle to around $ 8.7 million, as the main field of his potential Republican challengers is still taking shape.

“Michael Bennet works hard and serves workers and families in Colorado,” campaign manager Justin Lamorte said in a statement. year.”

Bennet’s previous quarterly record for off-year contributions was set in the last quarter when he said he raised $ 2,079,235. That total barely exceeded its long-standing high score, set in the first three months of 2015.

The single presidential candidate’s campaign said 94% of contributions he planned to report for the quarter were less than $ 200, matching the share of small dollar donations recorded in the previous two quarters. The campaign has donors from 64 counties in Colorado this year.

Bennet, who is running for a third full term in this year’s election, is the only outgoing senator running in 2022 not to receive contributions from corporate political action committees and federal lobbyists, his campaign notes.

Bennet’s campaign spent around $ 900,000 for the quarter, although final numbers are not available.

Two of Bennet’s top Republican challengers plan to raise around $ 1 million each for the quarter, Colorado Politics reported. The campaign from construction company owner Joe O’Dea grossed just over $ 1 million, and Fort Collins developer Gino Campana has grossed around $ 950,000, according to their campaigns. Both candidates said they invested around $ 500,000 in their campaigns.

The other six candidates vying for the GOP primary have yet to release their totals for the three months ending Dec.31. Fourth quarter fundraising reports are due to the Federal Election Commission by January 31.

National election forecasters from the Cook Political Report classify the Colorado seat as a “strong Democrat,” suggesting the race will be less competitive than the draw races for Democratic seats in Arizona, Georgia and Nevada and the seats held by the GOP in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Democrats are defending the thinnest labor majorities this year in the Senate, where the party holds 50 seats plus a decisive vote from Vice President Kamala Harris.

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Colorado voters won’t mark their ballots to choose their next US Senator for a year, but the game between US Senator Michael Bennet, the Democratic incumbent and his Republican challenger is already starting to take shape.

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