Bay Area congressman calls for more support for Ukraine – CBS San Francisco

DUBLIN (KPIX) – East Bay Congressman Eric Swalwell is urging the Biden administration to do more to help Ukraine. He has just returned from a visit to refugees near the Ukrainian border.

“You just left feeling like ‘can we do more to make sure these people can go home? “Said Rep. Swalwell, who represents the 15th congressional district.

Swalwell witnessed the humanitarian crisis as he greeted a train of Ukrainian refugees arriving in the Hungarian border town of Zahony.

“It was so heartbreaking to see so many women and children get off a train while the men stayed in Ukraine to fight the Russians. And I saw mums, just like my wife, with young children trying to bring them to a safer place, but with one big suitcase and a lot of uncertainty and anxiety as they travel to a new country,” Swalwell said.

Zahony’s trip was part of a five-day tour of Eastern Europe. Swalwell led a group of bipartisan House Intelligence Committee lawmakers. They wanted to show their support for refugees and volunteers.

“It was kind of refreshing to see people at the station as they got off the train and the anxiety they had. And then, about an hour later, seeing them again sitting in the central kitchen, enjoying a hot meal prepared by volunteers. And you could see that, for a moment, they felt a little bit better and saw a little bit more hope,” Swalwell recalled.

While Hungary has done a good job of providing humanitarian aid, Swalwell and his fellow lawmakers say they also traveled there to urge the Hungarian government to provide military aid.

“Other countries around them have done more with regard to lethal aid to the Ukrainians. The Hungarians have not yet done that as NATO allies. I wanted to assure them that we are all in the same boat. We need their help and I hope it will happen soon,” Swalwell said.

Swalwell is also pushing the White House to do more, from accepting more refugees into the United States to coordinating the delivery of the fighter jets the Ukrainians have requested. He also wants to apply more economic sanctions against Russia.

“As to whether the United States is doing enough, I think we can do more. As Vladimir Putin climbs the ladder of atrocities, I think we need to climb the ladder ourselves of the lethal aid we can provide to the Ukrainians, and then really flood the area with weapons that they can use to repel the Russians,” says Swalwell.

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