Aspiring Maltese politician offers female voters breast implants if elected in March 26 general election (VIDEO) | The life

Maltese aspiring politician Nazarene Bonnici offers breast implants to women for their votes. — Screenshot from Instagram/lovinmalta

KUALA LUMPUR, March 14 – An aspiring politician in Malta is promising female voters in the European country breast implants if elected.

Nazarene Bonnici, an independent candidate in the country’s general election on March 26, is offering €4,000 (RM18,345) to any woman who gets implanted, Lovin Malta reported.

“If the people trust me as an independent MP, I will give women a grant to get breast implants,” he reportedly said.

It is not Bonnici’s first time running for office and he has been the subject of jokes during his campaigns, although it is unclear how many times he has stood.

His story even inspired a Maltese film, limestone cowboy.

While some scoffed at Bonnici’s proposal, he also faced criticism, with voters decrying his pledge as sexist, chauvinistic and outdated.

Bonnici is not the first politician to offer boob jobs to his constituents during election campaigns.

Last June, a Mexican OnlyFans model-turned-politician also promised female voters free boob jobs if she were successful in the country’s polls.

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