Ask PVCs to vote against deceased politicians, bishop urges young people

The Bishop of Enugu Diocese and Archbishop of the Anglican Province of Enugu, His Grace Dr Emmanuel Chukwuma has urged young people to take their permanent voter cards and elect those he described as politicians expired.

He said young people will determine the outcome of the 2023 general election, hence the need for them to choose their PVCs.
He called on those he described as ‘old cargo’ to retire and give opportunity to young people, adding that the church does not believe in ‘old cargo’.

He spoke at a press briefing on the upcoming Synod of the Anglican Diocese of Enugu to be held at All Saints Church, GRA, Enugu. “Young people will decide the outcome of the 2023 election. The church does not believe in old freighters. We call on old freighters to retire and become consultants and give opportunity to young people,” he said. he declares.

The cleric praised President Muhammadu Buhari for enacting the electoral law and urged him to leave a legacy of free and fair elections before leaving office.

While emphasizing the need for free and fair elections, he urged the Independent National Electoral Election (INEC) to act as an impartial arbiter and organize credible elections by 2023.
He expressed concern about the alarming rate of insecurity in the country, saying the federal government had not done enough to protect people’s lives.

The man of God asked why it remained difficult to arrest those behind the killings in churches and other areas.
Chukwuma used the occasion to condemn the kidnapping of clerics and advised churches to stop ransoming thugs.

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