Annual conventions select candidates for mayor and city council

PETOSKEY — Attendees at Monday’s annual neighborhood conventions selected delegates who took part in Wednesday’s city convention at the Emmet County Fairgrounds Community Building.

By Petoskey city code, neighborhood conventions must be held on the second Monday in July, with the citywide convention taking place that Wednesday. These meetings help establish the list of candidates for the municipal elections in November.

In each of Petoskey’s four wards, citizens attending Monday’s conventions selected 15 delegates and five alternates for Wednesday’s citywide convention, which led to the nomination of mayoral candidates. While Wednesday’s citywide convention was open to the public, delegates were the only ones to participate in the nominating process.

Delegates could nominate up to two mayoral candidates for the November elections, however, current Mayor John Murphy was the only candidate chosen for the ballot.

City Council seats representing the Second and Fourth Wards are up for grabs in November, and Monday convention attendees from those wards were given the opportunity to choose candidates to appear on the ballot. In the second ward, outgoing council member Derek Shiels is currently running unopposed and in the fourth ward, outgoing council member Lindsey Walker is also running unopposed.

According to Petoskey town code, mayoral and council candidates can also secure a spot on the November ballot by submitting nomination petitions by 5 p.m. Monday. Petitions must be signed by at least 50 registered voters, but no more than 75.

The delegates chosen for the congress were:

First Ward Delegates:

  • Joe Baird
  • Tina DeMoore
  • Matt Fetig
  • Jan Jensen
  • Ray Jensen
  • Kate Marshall
  • Mary Jean Meyerson
  • Olivia Nolff
  • Lee Phillips
  • Jessica Shaw-Nolff
  • Janice Smith
  • Reg Smith
  • Richard Smith
  • Stafford Smith
  • Anne Srigley


  • Alison Patton
  • Lori Smith
  • Jon Terry
  • Betsy White
  • Nick White

Second Ward Delegates:

  • Tyler Benson
  • Doug Buck
  • Maureen Conley
  • Nikki Devit
  • John fought
  • Greg Room
  • Jill Hall
  • Ann Ingles
  • Dorothee Murray
  • Jill Petro
  • Cynthia Linn Robson
  • George Robson
  • Jane Schneider
  • Derek Shiel
  • Tom Van Deventer


  • Gavin Dyer
  • John Fough,
  • Sue Van Deventer
  • Charles Willmott

Third Ward Delegates:

  • David Bake
  • Caroline Bourland
  • Gordy Bourland
  • Mary Catton
  • Ben Croquet
  • Carla Croquet
  • Tammis Favorite-Young
  • Susan Finn
  • pat henige
  • Rebecca McClees
  • Jeff Neil
  • Bill Shelton
  • Brian Wagner
  • Dawn Wagner
  • Sharon Walker


  • Debra Smith
  • Solomon Smith
  • Andrea Koch

Fourth Ward Delegates:

  • Stephane Brede
  • Deb Ehrnst
  • Jim Ehrnst
  • Stephanie Grozner
  • chris hinrich
  • Dorothee Hawthorne
  • Frank Hawthorne
  • Chris Krajewski
  • Greg Moyer
  • Anne Rozycki
  • April Sanders
  • Cheryl Shanahan
  • Joshua Snider
  • Davis Timmer
  • Lindsey Walker


  • Colleen Pattullo
  • mike pattullo
  • Ruth Brede
  • Noah Marshall Rashid
  • Jessica Marshall Rashid

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