Andy Tasker: Republican politicians tear America apart for power


Republican politicians across the country are tearing our country apart in their bid for power. It’s not even so much about power for themselves as it is about continuing the power of the people who donate to them.

How greedy does it take to sell your own country and continue the control of the rich over middle and lower class Americans?

There is little liberals of all stripes can do to combat such organized greed. The defense of our nation and our freedoms rests on conservative-minded voters, and we hope they will rise to the challenge.

The challenge must be led by Republican voters who love their country and its capabilities, and can see the truth beyond all political standards. They should know that their party has tabled bill after bill to initiate nationwide voter suppression policies because these politicians fear students, people of color and voters in big cities.

Will we be the ones whose vote will be “restricted” next year? What type of democracy takes away from its citizens the right to speak for themselves?

The GOP relies on fear and anxiety to motivate its constituents, but the party spreads fear of itself through its willingness to legislate against, and then ignore, the common man.

Over and over again, voters ask, “What have Republicans done for me?” And are flabbergasted when the answer is “Nothing”.

Andy Tasker, Lewiston

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