Adams County Commissioner Launches Campaign for New Congressional District Pending Approval



Adams County Commissioner Charles “Chaz” Tedesco is joining the race to represent Colorado’s newly proposed eighth congressional district.

Democrat, naval veteran and steelworker, Tedesco has served on the Adams County Council of Commissioners since 2012. Prior to working in local government, he was president of the local metalworkers union for eight years. Tedesco believes that work experience in a blue collar industry is one of his perks in the race.

“Workers need a voice in Congress from someone who has lived the life of a worker,” Tedesco said in his announcement.

Colorado’s Independent Redistribution Commission last week approved a final version of the state’s congressional map. The project is awaiting approval from the Colorado Supreme Court, which has until November to either approve the map or send it back to the commission.

The proposed version of the Eighth District stretches along the northern Front Range. Experts say it is the state’s most competitive seat, with heavily Democratic suburbs like Commerce City offset by Greeley and other conservative communities. With 40 percent Latino, it would also be the most diverse district in the state.

Tedesco is the second person to launch a campaign to represent the neighborhood. Democratic state representative Yadira Caraveo, a pediatrician from Thornton, announced her campaign in late August, before the card was finalized. So far, no Republican has announced their intention to run for the seat.


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