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3 ways to save money on medical expenses

A health expense, an unforeseen month, can cause you to get out of your personal budget . Has it happened to you? You are not the only one! But I have discovered that there are ways to save money on medical expenses . It seems incredible right? But it’s true! Here are 3 ways for you to achieve it.


Buy health insurance!

health insurance!

If you do not have medical insurance, at the time of the hour, the expenses are much more expensive. And if you have a disease that afflicts you, you will have no choice but to go with a private doctor or a clinic – the latter are very expensive! -.

Buying health insurance is a long-term savings. There are insurance for different budgets. Compare the different offers well and choose the insurance that also has the best comments from those who have already chosen them. There are insurances that they even offer you a free annual medical check-up , this is very beneficial if you want to prevent diseases.

I recommend that you consult for the insurance offered by the same clinics since, sometimes, they offer you more benefits than those of the insurers. It would also be good to compare if you want to go for social security (ESSALUD) or a private one; the first usually costs less, but attention, except in emergencies, is not immediate.


Buy generic

Buy generic

As with supermarket products, there are very expensive medicines because they come from large and recognized brands, but there are others that can be obtained, not in bulk, as in the market, but generic brands. These are much cheaper and contain the same active ingredients as expensive medicines. They will be a great way to save without neglecting your health!


Save for emergencies

Save for emergencies

If you are one of those who have their personal finances well organized, you will not need to read this point, if you do not pay attention! It is not enough that you have your retirement savings fund , you should also allocate a percentage of the monthly money to emergency savings. And after all, nobody knows when one will be presented.

Emergency savings funds are not just for medical emergencies, they will also help if you have any other unforeseen urgent expenses, such as home repairs, your car or if you temporarily become unemployed .

Remember, health is not an expense. And if you are not healthy, you can not continue working, you need to be well and healthy to meet your goals. A health expense will always be an investment! I am sure that, with these three ways to save money on medical expenses, you will know how to take advantage of every sun you save on your health.