2023: No Nigerian politician has performed as well as Kwankwaso


Nigerian politician and veteran statesman, Bouba Galadimasaid on Monday morning that New Nigeria Peoples Party presidential candidate Rabiu Kwankwaso has performed better than any politician in Nigeria.

Galadima said on Arise TV on Monday when reacting to the call for Kwankwaso to be the Labor Party’s running mate, Pierre Obi.

The former statesman said people who say Obi can’t be Kwankwaso’s running mate are not politicians.

He said Kwankwaso started his movement 32 years ago to become president, while Obi’s movement started two months ago.

During the interview, Galadima noted that Kwankwaso had more qualifications than other presidential candidates vying for the presidency in 2023.

The former statesman, while speaking during the interview, said: “Those who said Chief Peter Obi could not be Kwankwaso’s running mate are not politicians.

“They just started a movement two months ago when the Kwankwasian movement has been in the field for 32 years and the main reason for the movement is for Kwankwaso to become president.

“No Nigerian has ever performed well during his tenure like Alhaji Kwankwaso. I understand that Peter Obi was the Governor of Anambra State and he did his best but not like Kwankwaso.

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