2022 NJ Primary Election: 10th Congressional District Candidates

The races for the 10th arrondissement are crowded on both sides. Incumbent Democrat Donald Payne Jr. faces two challengers and on the Republican ballot, longtime nominee David Pinckney faces a newcomer. The district includes densely populated portions of Hudson, Essex, and Union counties. Payne has held the seat for nearly a decade. He succeeded his late father, who held the post from 1989 until his death in 2012.

NJ’s 10th Congressional District Candidates


Donald Payne Jr., the holder. He was first elected in 2012 in a special election and fended off five challengers to win a full term the following year. Prior to that, he served on Newark Council and the Essex County Board of Commissioners.

Akil Khalfani is the director of the Africana Institute at Essex County College. He ran against Payne as an independent in 2020.

Imani R. Oakley

Imani Oakley is the former legislative director of New Jersey Working Families.


David Pinckneyof Irvington, has run unsuccessfully for Congress and the State Assembly for the past decade.

Garth Stewart is originally from Minnesota but resides in Jersey City. He’s an army veteran.

Composition of the district

Democratic-leaning towns in Essex County make up the bulk of the 10th District, with a few towns in Hudson and Union counties also included.

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Payne has worked for infrastructure, health care and the economy during his tenure. Khalfani is focused on job creation, pandemic rebound and health care reform while Oakley wants to work for housing justice, racial justice, a Green New Deal, Medicare for All, the workers’ rights, innovative infrastructure and demilitarization.

Pinckney’s main priority is environmentalism while Stewart seems focused on individual freedoms.

The money raised

Payne has over $800,000 while Oakley has less than half that at around $389,000. Khalfani, Pinckney and Stewart have no financial information readily available to the Federal Election Commission.

In their words

“This is my second time running and the same issues are relevant. The people currently in office are not responding to the needs and wants of their constituency. People feel underrepresented. I want to create space for people to people have a dialogue,” Khalfani said.

“New Jersey’s 10th District deserves a congressional representative who is unafraid to take on the establishment, stand up for democracy, and fight for marginalized communities who are too often sidelined for the benefit of corporations. and politically connected people. Our communities deserve a strong advocate for the kinds of policies that will help our communities thrive,” Oakley said.

“I’m very conservative, but I’m pro-choice. My slogan is “Try God’s way to change” because I don’t think anyone does that. I also believe in focusing on the environment. We really need to start taking care of this planet now,” Pinckney said.

Payne did not respond to requests for comment. Stewart could not be reached for comment.

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