2022 Hot Spring County Election Candidates | News

Hot Spring County Elections Coordinator Liz Pfeiffer released the following list of candidates expected to run for city and county offices this 2022 election season. Candidates who filed under the same party will meet at primary elections in May, with the winners competing against other candidates in the November general election.

Pfeiffer said a draw will be held March 14 at a meeting with the Hot Spring County Board of Election Commissioners. Names will be drawn by lot to determine in what order the candidates will appear on the ballot.

County Judge’s Office – Judge Dennis Thornton (R)

County Sheriff‘s Office – Sheriff Mike Cash (R), Scott Finkbeiner (R), Chad Ledbetter (I)

County Treasurer’s Office – Glorie Thornton (R), Gracie Parker (R)

County Tax Collector’s Office – Collector Valerie Fay Hearn (D), Sheri Oden (R)

County Clerk’s Office—Patty Griggs (R)

Office of the County Circuit Clerk – Circuit Clerk Teresa Pilcher (R)

Office of the County Assessor – Assessor Blake Riggan (R)

County Coroner’s Office—Coroner Jason Chenault (R), Dan B. Canfield (R)

HSC Justice of the Peace Dist. 1—James Bryant (R), Shane E. Gregory (L)

HSC Justice of the Peace Dist. 2—JP Brian Coston (R), “Serge” Henry Mitchell (R)

HSC Justice of the Peace Dist. 3—JP Ralph Williams (R), Marion Beard Gibson (R)

HSC Justice of the Peace Dist. 4—JP Darrin Hardy (R), Dave Holland (R), Nathaniel Mitchell (R)

HSC Justice of the Peace Dist. 5—JP Michael Scarborough (R)

HSC Justice of the Peace Dist. 6—JP Don Hilyard (R)

HSC Justice of the Peace Dist. 7—JP Gerald W. Black (R)

HSC Justice of the Peace Dist. 8—JP Andrew D. Daily (R)

HSC Justice of the Peace Dist. 9—Jimmy Rogers (R), Royce Hughes (R), Bob Duncan (R)

HSC Justice of the Peace Dist. 10—Kristina Ballard (right), Wylie Whitley (right)

HSC Justice of the Peace Dist. 11—JP Mike Fletcher (R), Kalob Woodall (R), Katy Smith (R)

Big Creek—Jimmy Finley (R)

Bismarck—Doug Green (D)

Butterfield—Steve Cook (R)

Clear Creek—Joseph Lee (R)

Fenter—Steven Keisler (I), Phil Bailey (R)

Gifford—Kenneth Farber (R), Michael Shnaekel (R)

Harrison—Martin R. DeVore (I), Grant Williams (I)

Lone Hill—Kyle Porterfield (R)

Magnet—Mark Woodfield (R)

Halfway—Scott Whitehead (R)

Montgomery – Duke Evans (I)

Saline—Waylon Corley (R), Donald H. Nutt (R), Jerry Toland (R)

Mayor—Mayor Brenda J. Weldon (A), Jason F. Lambel, Sr. (A), Jack Upchurch (A), Chris Brewster (A)

Treasurer—Kim Taber (A)

City Attorney—City Attorney Cecelia Ashcraft (I)

Ward 1, Station 1—Samuel L. Bryant, Jr. (I)

Ward 1, Post 2—William Wilson (I)

Ward 2, Station 1—Lynn Davis (I)

Ward 2, Post 2—J. Wayne Reynolds (I)

Ward 3, Post 1—Peggy Lusinger (I)

Ward 4, Station 1—Larry G. Stiles (I), Michael R. Smith (I)

Ward 4, Post 2—David Cross (I)

Mayor of Perla—Mayor Raymond L. Adams (I)

Councilman—Mary Jane Childs (I), Tyrone Bealer (I), Jacqeuline Y. Lawson (I)

Ward 1, Station 1—Brenda K. Womble (I)

Ward 1, Station 2—Darrell Hughes (I), Melinda Baker (I)

Mayor—Brock A. Ledbetter (A)

Advisor—Laura Waters (I), Jeremiah Daily (I), Miranda Ledbetter (I)

Bismarck and Magnet Cove voted to hold school board elections in November 2022 and will only have mileage extensions on the ballot in May.

Malvern School Board, Zone 4—Travis Worthington (I)

Glen Rose, Position 4—Joshua Stevens (I), Carl Frank (I), Ryan Swells (I)

Ouachita—mileage extension only

For more information, please contact the Hot Spring County Elections Office at 501-229-1666 or the County Clerk’s Office at 501-332-2291.

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