2021 election: New York candidates get approvals as November 2 approaches


STATEN ISLAND, NY – Approvals continue to flow as the end of the 2021 election campaign approaches.

Early voting for the general election begins on Saturday October 23 and ends on Sunday October 31. General Election Day is Tuesday, November 2, which is also the last day for postmarked ballots.


The Citizens’ Union recently joined the long list of approvals for Eric Adams as the Democratic candidate for mayor of New York.

The chairman of the board of the non-partisan “good government” group, Randy Mastro, described Adams as the “right person at the right time” to run the city.

“Eric Adams is an inspiring leader whose progressive agenda, emphasizing public safety and economic recovery, is what we need right now in New York City,” said Mastro.

“As we emerge from the pandemic, New York City needs an experienced and empathetic hand behind the wheel, and that person is Eric Adams, whom we enthusiastically encourage voters to support the mayor,” he said. he continued.

The Citizens’ Union also supports Sal Albanese.


The Democratic candidate for the seat of the Mid-Island city council, Sal Albanese, has a strong list of union endorsements, including the recently announced United Firefighters Association (UFA) and United Fire Officers Association.

At the press conference announcing the approval on Monday, UFA Staten Island administrator Eric Bischoff stressed that Albanese has a history as an active ally of the FDNY.

“Speaking is one thing, but acting is another and Sal Albanese has always acted. He was on the front line in keeping all of the city’s fire stations open during a budget downturn, as well as making sure they were adequately staffed and fully funded, ”Bischoff said. “We know that Sal Albanese will be an important ally for every city hall firefighter and he has our full support.”

Albanese expressed his respect for the FDNY and pledged to continue to be a strong advocate for its members.

“This endorsement is so important to me not only because of the respect I have for our fire department, but also because of the personal connection I have with them. When I arrive at City Council, I will fight every day to ensure their safety by making sure that the FDNY receives the best equipment, as well as all the resources and training necessary to keep our families and communities safe ” Albanese said.

On Wednesday, the NYC District Council of Carpenters (NYCDCC) announced its support for Albanese.

“Union Carpenters is proud to support Sal Albanese for City Council as he will fight for workers, not only on Staten Island but across New York City,” said Executive Secretary-Treasurer Joseph Geiger. “Albanese will bring a clear vision to Staten Island, and I have no doubts that he will uphold the strong values ​​of our union once elected to city council. “

Albanese said he was proud to receive approval from the NYCDCC and pledged to “prioritize critical infrastructure projects that will protect Staten Islanders while creating family support jobs for residents.”


US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) is the latest elected to support Democratic presidential candidate from Staten Island Borough, Mark Murphy.

“Mark Murphy has been representing the interests of the people of Staten Island for decades and I think he is the right choice for the president of the borough. Mark Murphy is an honest, moral and fair leader, and is committed to creating a town hall that is the most diverse and inclusive office on Staten Island, ”said the senator. “Mark Murphy will be a welcome addition to the political leadership of our great city. He will have a seat at the table and be the pride of Staten Island. “

“I am delighted to receive this endorsement from my long-time friend, Senator Gillibrand. Having him by my side in this fight to put Staten Island first means the world to me, ”Murphy said in the press release.

On Monday, the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) joined the list of many unions that have supported Murphy.

“As a longtime community advocate and fourth generation Staten Islander, Mark Murphy has never stopped believing and fighting for a better future,” said UFT President Michael Mulgrew. “Borough President Mark will be the outsized voice Staten Island needs to move the borough forward and protect public education. We are proud to be with Mark.

Murphy expressed his gratitude to UFT: “I am incredibly honored that the United Teachers’ Federation is supporting my campaign. Our teachers here in New York are the best of the best, and their confidence in my abilities speaks volumes, ”he said in the press release. “Thank you, UFT, for trusting me to secure our seat at the table. “

Click here for a full list of Murphy’s endorsers.


The Conservative candidate for mayor of New York has been endorsed by the New York Teachers for Choice.

NY Teachers for Choice is an organization of teachers and parents who oppose medical mandates that threaten workers’ eligibility for employment. The organization stressed that Pepitone has always been a strong supporter of their cause.

“Pepitone has supported TFC from the very beginning. Protests in the snow, in front of UFT headquarters, in front of City Hall, in Foley Square, at every event we have attended, every time we have called him, he has been with us to support the freedom to choose what goes and goes wrong with our own bodies. You can’t say that about any other candidate for mayor. None of them backed us up, ”NY Teachers for Choice said in its written approval.

Pepitone responded in a press release announcing its acceptance of the approval.

“I am honored to receive the support of NY Teachers for Choice. The forced vaccination warrants have gone too far and teachers, parents and especially students in New York City are suffering. I am running to bring common sense back to New York and stop these constant violations of our freedoms, ”he said.

Pepitone, who is a retired NYPD officer, was also approved by the Brooklyn-Staten Island 10-13 Association.

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